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A Photographic Guide to Plants of
Humboldt Bay Dunes and Wetlands

Compiled by Gordon Leppig and Andrea Pickart

Release 2.0

April 2018

Status: Conservation concern (C); Exotic (E); Invasive (I); California Native (N) 

Habitat: Dune mat (DM), Dune scrub (DS), Dune swale (SW), Coniferous dune forest (CDF), Riparian forest (RF), Freshwater marsh (FM), Freshwater swamp (FS), Freshwater marsh (FM), Open water (OW), Brackish marsh (BM), Salt marsh (SM), Mudflat (MF) Agricultural wetland (AW).

* This vascular plant list for Humboldt Bay dunes and wetlands is based on collections made by the authors primarily between 2001 and 2008.


Please email comments, corrections, or proposed additions to


Nomenclature follows the Jepson Manual, Higher Plants of California, Second edition (U.C. Press 2012).  

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