School Programs

In-person field trip programs will resume for the Fall '21 season

Bay to Dunes

Our classic 4-5 hour field trip is preceded by a classroom presentation with an interactive PowerPoint and hands-on activities. On field trip day, students spend half the day in small groups of 8-15 exploring the dunes, and half of the day at the bay and freshwater marshes, with a lunch break in between. At the bay we dip net for invertebrates in a freshwater pond, explore the saltmarsh and mudflats, and observe birds on the bay. In the dunes, we identify animal tracks, talk about plant adaptations, learn ecosystem restoration, and have some free time at the beach. This field trip takes place at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center and the Manila Community Park. Bussing is included.


Jr. Naturalist Program 

Check out our Distance Learning Page for our new

Jr. Naturalist Video Series! Monarch Daisy will connect overarching ecological themes with activities that children can accomplish by exploring their own urban green space. Children will learn about bird adaptations, botany, migration, field guides, and how to keep their own nature journal. Our program focuses on giving students hands-on experiences in nature that are crucial for developing a true understanding of the natural world.

Jr. Naturalist Kits

We are checking out Friends of the Dunes’ Jr. Naturalist Kits for local students to use in their exploration endeavors. The kits contain supplemental material such as bird, plant, and animal tracking guides, binoculars, dip nets, binoculars and much more!
If your classroom or student is interested in scheduling a Presentation with Monarch Daisy or wants to check out a Jr. Naturalist Kit, please contact us at

Kids Ocean Day

Kids Ocean Day is a state-wide marine debris education program funded by the California Coastal Commission and coordinated locally by Friends of the Dunes and the Bureau of Land Management. About 1,000 Humboldt County students will receive virtual classroom lessons focusing on the health of coastal and marine environments, with an emphasis on local watersheds. This year, Kids Ocean Day will span the entire month of May as a neighborhood and watershed cleanup challenge. In lieu of our annual aerial image, there will be an art component in which students from all over the state can participate.


Visit our Ocean Day page for more information.

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