Volunteer opportunities are greatly reduced in order to protect the health of our community

As a non-profit organization, we are dependent and forever thankful

for the volunteers and members who help us continue to

conserve the coast and educate the community.


Below are summaries of our current volunteer opportunities

and how you can be another friend of the dunes.


Coastal Trail Stewards

Become a Coastal Trail Steward and help us maintain the beauty of our dunes. Stewards will monitor our trails to ensure they remain well-maintained and that visitors are continuing to be respectful of our site-specific regulations that protect the biodiverse wildlife of our coastal dune environments.


We are seeking Trail Stewards for the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center Property and the Samoa Dunes and Wetlands Conservation Area. This volunteer position involves walking the trails on our properties to keep an eye on trail needs and visitor-use while safely maintaining a physical distance from other visitors. We encourage Trail Stewards to visit about once a week and choose a route that covers a good portion of a property.

To sign up or receive more information about this volunteer position, please email us




Restoration workdays are currently postponed. Please check our calendar for updated events.   

Join the Dune Ecosystem Restoration Team (DERT)

Add gloves, shovels, and brush axes to human hands, and you have the strongest dune restoration tool around. Within months of initially removing invasive plants, volunteers witness native plants re-sprouting on their own. Our methods of removal have minimal impacts to the dunes, and thus native plants are able to repopulate the dunes on their own.

Help restore the dunes by volunteering with DERT (Dune Ecosystem Restoration Team). Volunteers help remove non-native invasive plants in order to promote native plant and animal life in the dunes. No experience necessary. Training, camaraderie, and beautiful scenery are provided. Returning volunteers are eligible for free t-shirts and hats. All ages welcome!

DERT meets every 2nd Sunday at the BLM's Ma-le'l Dunes South and every 3rd Saturday at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center. Visit our calendar for dates and times or subscribe to our email list and be kept up to date on where and when to meet.


Drop-in Restoration

If you don’t like to follow schedules and have time during the week to volunteer, this is for you. After an initial orientation, you can spend as many hours as you like helping to remove invasive plants at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center. Please call (707) 444-1397 or email us to get started.


We are looking for one volunteer to help us organize a Friends of the Dunes Bioblitz. This special volunteer would be in charge of outreach regarding the event and in creating a project on iNaturalist. We hope to log species residing at the Humboldt Coastal Nature Center and at the Samoa Dunes and Wetlands Conservation Area. 

After the bioblitz, this volunteer can help us gather and create an online plant and animal guide for the public to use. For more information or to sign up please contact us

elegant rein orchid flower close EW.jpg

Coastal Naturalist Training

Become a Friends of the Dunes Coastal Naturalist! Every fall, we offer in-depth 6-week training that covers topics like botany, geology, birds, insects, animal tracking, cultural history, coastal ecology, and interpretation techniques. The course is for community members interested in expanding their knowledge and appreciation of the coast. While you may take the course strictly for your own enjoyment, the course will also prepare you to become an active volunteer with Friends of the Dunes. For more information on how to register, click the link above, email us or call 707-444-1397.