Liana S., 7th grade, McKinleyville Middle School
Celilo W., 2nd grade, Laurel Tree Charter
Henry  S., 4th grade, Six Rivers Montessori

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The Kids Ocean Day Art Contest and Picture Mosaic was produced by Spectral Q.


Kids Ocean Day Art Contest prizes were sponsored by Alexandria Van Reenan of Michael's Art Supplies ( who provided gift cards to our contest winners and Julia Jaye Posin of Shuki ( who supplied metal straw gift sets for our early submission entries. 


Additional content for the Picture Mosaic was sponsored by Whaleman Founder Jeff Pantukhoff and his team of professional photographers including Gene Flipse, Jason Moore, Oliver Milsom, and Lisa Denning who provided compelling underwater ocean photography.  Whaleman Foundation ( is dedicated to the health of our oceans and all marine life for our children and future generations. Whaleman Foundation has been supporting Kids Ocean Day since 2007.


Special thanks to Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance ( for providing additional artworks from Kids Ocean Day Hong Kong projects dating back to 2013.





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Students Across California Share Ocean Protection Message Through Art

This year for Kids Ocean Day students were encouraged to create a piece of original artwork to illustrate what they love about the ocean. All of the artwork from students across the state has been put together to create a digital mosaic. The main image of the mosaic features the art of 5th grader Tracy N. from Morningside Elementary School in Garden Grove, California.

Locally, students were also encouraged to participate in a neighborhood and watershed cleanup challenge. Students and teachers kept track of the type and amounts of trash they found by using the Marine Debris Tracker app. The information collected will contribute to state and nation-wide data collection! 

Kids Ocean Day is a state-wide marine debris education program funded the California Coastal Commission and coordinated locally by Friends of the Dunes and the Bureau of Land Management. About 1,000 Humboldt County students will receive virtual classroom lessons focusing on the health of coastal and marine environments, with an emphasis on local watersheds. 

Here are the winners from Humboldt County: