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Webinar Series


From pinnipeds to plovers, from lace lichens to the magical mosaic of our dune flora, the nature of our coast holds a world of wonder. Explore Naturalist Notes Webinar Series! Watch experts talk about some of the captivating creatures and fantastic flora of California’s Northcoast dunes.

Orange-Red, Yellow-Red: The Oldest Western Snowy Plover on Record

Mark Colwell, PhD

Ethnobotany of Humboldt's Coastal Environments

Adam Canter

Introduction to Lichens of the Dunes

Loriel Caverly

Pinnipeds of the California Coast

Claire Nasr

Introduction to Native Bees of the Dunes

 Brian Dykstra

Coastal Vulnerabilities and Resilience of Humboldt's Dune-Beach Systems

Ian Walker, PhD

Introduction to Nature Therapy & Forest Bathing

Justine Legge

To Track a Raven: Monitoring Ravens to Understand their Movement within Western Snowy Plover Habitat

Janelle Chojnacki

Greater Fritillary Butterfly Conservation in Northern Coastal California

Clint Pogue

Diversity among Bats of the Lanphere Dunes

Nicole Matonak

Celebration 40 Years of Coastal Conservation

Carol Vander Meer, Andrea Pickart, & Mike Cipra

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