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Wine by the Sea

2016 Cigar Box Silent Auction

Used cigar boxes were donated and local artists transformed them into small treasure chests.

Cigar box by Claire R. Harkins
"Swan Feather Cigar Box" by Claire Rousselot Harkins

Cigar box by Joan Dunning
"Beach Morning Glory with Snowy Plovers" by Joan Dunning

Cigar box by Joyce Jonte
"Polka Dot Bikini" by Joyce Jonte

Cigar box by Joyce Jonte
"Thinking Outside The Box" by Joyce Jonte

Cigar box by Laura Corsiglia
"There is no half, it's all full" by Laura Corsiglia

Cigar box by Lynn M. Jones
"Rocks Box" by Lynn M. Jones

Cigar box by Mary Martin Harper
"Persian Miniature" by Mary Martin Harper

Cigar box by Patricia Sennott
"Scabiosa, Tithonia & Verbascum" by Patricia Sennott

Cigar box by Steven Vander Meer
"Cigar Box" by Steven Vander Meer

Cigar box by Raechel Miller
"Arizona Dreaming 1963" by Raechel Miller

Cigar box by John Thomas
"Redwood Burl Box" by John Thomas

Cigar box by Rick Tolley
"Wildflowers II" by Rick Tolley

Cigar box by Faye Honorof
"Nosey" by Faye Honorof

Cigar box by Gina Tuzzi
"Pink Mussels" by Gina Tuzzi

Cigar box by Antoinette Magyar
"Blue Acmon Butterflies and Wildflowers" by Antoinette Magyar

Cigar box by Brett Rasmussen
"Humboldt Squid" by Brett Rasmussen

Cigar box by Laura Wellman
"Box With Fused Glass" by Laura Wellman

Cigar box by Keith Castonquay
"Box With Chalcedony Stone" by Keith Castonquay

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