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Friends of the Dunes a member of the Northern Region Council of California land trusts.

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For nearly 25 years Friends of the Dunes has been involving the community in coastal dune conservation. Our mission is to conserve the natural diversity of coastal environments through community-supported education and stewardship programs. In 2000, we expanded our programs and became a land trust in order to facilitate the conservation of coastal dune and bay systems around Humboldt Bay in perpetuity.

As a land trust, we work with willing sellers to purchase or receive donations of coastal properties and conservation easements. Fee title acquisitions put the property under ownership of FOD. Conservation easements allow the landowner to continue owning the property, but create permanent deed restrictions that protect natural resources. Depending on individual circumstances, landowners can reap tax benefits resulting from donations of land, bargain sales and conservation easements such as income tax deductions and reduced estate taxes.

FOD Land Trust is a member of Land Trust Alliance, a nation-wide organization serving land trusts and have formally adopted their standards and practices for responsible land trust operations. FOD Land Trust is also a member of California Council of Land Trusts (CCLT) and is on the steering committee of CCLT’s Northern Region Council.

We are most interested in working with landowners of properties that support coastal or bay habitat, are adjacent or near to lands already under protection, and include unique qualities such as intact dune forest, dune plant communities, or coastal access. Through the Land Trust, FOD has acquired approximately 100 acres of connected dune and wetland habitat. Restoration efforts to remove invasive plant species are underway to allow the remnant native dunes plant species-- beach evening primrose, sand verbena, beach strawberry, buckwheat and sagewort to spread, thus providing habitat for native insect and wildlife species.

Our land trust efforts are supported by our membership and various public partners including, California State Coastal Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Board, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish & Game, and County of Humboldt.

If you are interested in conserving coastal property, or would like more information about FOD Land Trust, please contact Lisa Hoover, Land Trust Committee Chair, at (707) 444-1397.

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